Bowen Method – healing through gentle touch.



Bowen method


Bowen Method treatment is available in Providence,  Rhode Island at  the practice of Emily Deneault.

Practitioners apply pressure at precise points on the body, depending on the problem or symptom treated.  Movement of soft body tissue affect changes in the whole body/brain system.  By use of the thumbs and forefingers the techniques stimulates tissue and nerve pathways.  Bowen is a gentle means to cause positive change in the human body.

In the short time since her practice has opened, Mrs. Deneault has helped hundreds of people.  The demand increases each month, mostly by word of mouth.  People just want to share their experiences. After they receive treatment they often encourage others to try.   This is a verification that Emily’s goal of helping people is being reached.

Emily graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  She worked as an EMT, a lead laboratory technician in a hospital setting, and as a part time Professor at UMASS – Dartmouth.

She is committed to helping , healing, and teaching.  A long-time follower of alternative approaches to medicine and health care she continues to study, learn, and grow in her career.

Emily lives in southern Massachusetts with her husband and three sons.  On any given week end you maybe find Emily and her boys in a local pond or at the ocean side exploring the animals and plants living there.

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