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Bowen method treatments are offered by Emily Deneault, Certified Bowen Practitioner, at CrossFit East Providence.

“You treated me and my issue as a whole person and not just one problem. The session began with gentle precise movements throughout my body.  I felt so relaxed and at peace.”

Walk-in Clinics at CrossFit East Providence

July 1st and July 6th, 9 am to noon, first come first serve.

$30 (cash or check) per fifteen-minute session.

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What is the Bowen method?


Bowen method is a practice of healing the body through gentle touch.  Most importantly the Bowen method addresses the body as a whole. It creates gentle muscle and connective tissue movements.  And they are designed to relieve blockage and stress in the body’s fascia.  The techniques improve circulation, enhances the body’s ability to take in nutrients,  and finally to eliminate toxins.

Most importantly Bowen addresses every system in the body:

  • joints,
  • musculoskeletal,
  • circulation,
  • internal organ systems,
  • and mind-body memory.

This begins with the gentle massaging of specific areas of the body.  That initiates neurological impulses from muscles and tendons to the brain. Then the brain releases tension and calms inflammation in specific areas.  With that, the body re-balances the nervous system.  And that begins the healing process.   Once this occurs, the body continues the healing responses.

This healing can aid the body to recover from injuries or illness.  For example, sporting collisions, twisted joints, or stresses from over-exertion all cause reactions throughout the body.  Certainly for faster and more complete healing to occur those must be relieved.  The Bowen method does that.

Another type of tightness develops as a result of a traumatic experience.  You might know that we experience ‘fight or flight’ related to any shock, trauma, illness, injury, or just everyday stress.   It is the body defense mechanism.  Unfortunately in many cases after the fright passes, the tension is still held in our bodies.   Bowen Method removes the nervous system from the tension-filled ‘fight or flight’ response to a more relaxed posture.  Therefore Bowen enables the body to restore a balanced state of the nervous system.

Another way of thinking about Bowen is that it releases blockages and frees the power of the body allowing an effective and many times permanent healing.

How can Bowen work to help me?

What to expect during a Bowen treatment?

Finally the client’s stories.

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