People in pain or discomfort face difficulties which can sap energy, frustrate their efforts and generally wear them out. There is good reason for that. First, of course, is being hurt or in chronic pain. Second is the frustration of dealing with appointments, insurance, referrals, and delay.

Bowen Therapy often starts relieving symptoms in 1 visit – and seldom takes more than 3. Home stretches and corrective exercises will be added to progress the improvements.

 These 1 hour or 30-minute sessions look to release tension and fascial restrictions by finding the primary causes of the dysfunctions and discomforts in the body. Appointments are readily available and can be made online. 

No insurance is necessary because the sessions are very affordable. With Bowen you and your therapist gain control of your progress. Used by thousands of people worldwide for over 50 years, Bowen is an effective alternative by which you will quickly return to your natural state of well-being and become pain and tension free. Sign up for your visit now.

This gentle myofascial technique will help facilitate the recovery of issues such as:




Bowen Hands

“I have a pinched nerve in my neck which makes my hand go numb around 20 times a day. Tried The Bowen Method after so many other types of therapy, and am happy to say Emily changed my life. I no longer have numbness in my hand. There were no drugs, no painful procedures, just maneuvering the muscles…

Kim P.



Bowen Chest Therapy

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Bowen Back Therapy

Feel better, faster.

“Was recommended by a friend to go see Emily about my Plantar Fasciitis. Only two sessions and the pain is virtually gone. Also, I tweaked my lower back and she fixed that right up. As a half marathoner and a gym enthusiast this therapy has been very helpful for me to stay healthy and functional.”

A. Rodriguez



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